Fundraising “Spirited Money” create your own personal plan


Create your own fundraising program to support your interest in international service with Spirited Travels, discover an efficient way to create your own successful fundraising campaign. Via a Zoom recorded call we will use the visioning process to create your personal fundraising program.
Kathy Mastroianni who has 23 years of extensive knowledge and success with fundraising for the Mountain Peace Shelter, The Boys and Girls Club as well as currently The Science of Mind Archives will be coaching us. Her commitment to service and joy of supporting projects that create peace makes her the perfect match to help you support your desire to be of service!!! You will be exposed to over  100 ideas, giving you the opportunity to choose those that would support your passions and unique skills.
We will craft opportunities for individuals,  and small group projects. Perhaps you already have a following or can’t imagine who would support you, either way you will get started and create your best program. Do you like to do public speaking or use the internet or want to just work one on one?  We explore all these options to help you find success. You will have the benefit of the experience from those that have successfully raised funds in the past.
Get ready to create life skills as you step out to create this personal plan!! Whether you are considering going to Jamaica to work on projects of feeding the homeless, working to spruce up a local country school or Kenya where we will work in a local school at the dump and a home for boys that were homeless we will support your life changing efforts!!

Send your email address and we will give you access to the google drive to get all of the information.