A friend of mine suggested I start an experiment she had read about in a book entitled “Thank and Grow Rich”. It’s not about all about money although it could be, there are many ways to be rich as she points out. I highly recommend this funny and powerful book. So the  plork  (play + work) begins with stating OUT LOUD, “Something really awesome is going to happen to me today”!! Say it with belief and enthusiasm!! Then transfer that to a notebook and add 3 reasons you are grateful. The only caveat is that there are no repeats in gratitude for the 30 day adventure.

I started out as I usually do with great conviction but somehow lose focus a couple weeks in, but lucky for me the universe has a bad accounting system, as the following story will attest.

Each winter my husband, my folks and I go on a winter vacation. My folks live in Iowa where the winters are long and cloudy with sprinkles of below zero weather. Thus started our winter adventures which have included a trip to Australia and New Zealand, the Buchart Gardens and most recently a beach to relax on. This year I wanted to take my folks to Jamaica, where an amazing group of teens and advisors have been doing service work and falling in love with the people of Jamaica. So I started my search for a place to stay. When the teens are with us we stay out in the country but I needed a beach for my parents to warm up on. Even though I have a friend in Montego Bay area the prices for locals were still $350 a night per person, hmmmm. I continued daily saying “Something amazing is going to happen to me today” I was only half believing it, another way the universe doesn’t count when giving out blessings!! Then I got one of those emails that said it’s only $559 per person with airfare and accommodations to go to Jamaica. Sounds great but it’s only in November, but that got me off track as I was working and so I started checking around for other places that I needed for the teens this summer and found a place that looked perfect. On the beach, they served breakfast and we had a space to gather to do our spiritual work that was private. Next I sent my friend to look it over, after many false starts with communication she gave it the thumbs up!! Oh but wait, what about taking my parents, turns out it was perfect for that too and after last year spending $6,000 for a beach house our $700 this year sounds incredible not to mention it’s almost impossible to book something this late in the year, it’s now November.

Then this morning as I am writing, “Something awesome is going to happen to me today!” I realize it did yesterday too!!!!

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