There are many reasons that this particular trip has touched the adults and teens that have participated. I am privileged to get to see this miracle over and over again. One time is was one of our teens with two girls one in each hand as she led them to a table to get face painting. The girls were at their school, The School of Hope, a school for special needs children. Then I witnessed one of our teen boys as he proudly showed off his tattoos to some of the boys of The School of Hope. They were very intrigued and then were lined up to have those tattoos painted on their arms, each one anxiously awaiting!! Next I saw one of our teen girls that wasn’t feeling that well standing and watching some other kids at play with one of the local girls with her arm around her. And then one of our musicians watch in awe at the talent in their school and then joining in!!  The stories continue daily as our teens get to interact with local schools, they spent part of their time painting at Sudbury Infant and Primary School however what they talk about as their highlights of the trip are the kids, being picked by the kids for a class to help, another gal getting to play cards and do magic tricks with a kid with which she was particularly bonded, teaching classes, playing in the rain, and learning lessons. One teen was offered to share a lunch with the kids, they were already sharing with their class mates, her heart broke open to see their generosity and made a promise to herself that the lesson learned would not go unforgotten. Are the lives of our teens changed? There is no doubt that they are bound to change the conscientiousness of our planet!! We are blessed!! Cheri Jensen

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