Jamaica has regional differences in that some cities or towns are more traditional and others more progressive. Rural areas and most small towns are characterized by more traditional and conservative cultural and societal values. Participants should learn about and be respectful of these practices and customs. While Jamaica is generally tolerant, values and mores concerning sexual orientation and gender identity may be different from those in the U.S. Participants will need to be mindful of cultural norms, and use their judgment to determine the best way to approach sexual orientation and gender identity in their communities and host countries.


Jamaica may not be able to support participants with the following medical conditions: asthma, insulin-dependent diabetes; seizure disorders; requiring a psychiatrist for psychotropic medication support; ongoing counseling.

In most of Jamaica daytime highs can become very hot. The humidity can easily reach 90-100%. You must be able to tolerate the heat to work with Spirted Travels in Jamaica.


Spirited Travels provides transportation to assist daily routines, Participant’s access to transportation varies daily. Traveling can be difficult because of bad roads. Usually privately owned vans and minibuses provide transportation. Scheduling can be erratic and unpredictable.  You must be prepared to be flexible.


Living conditions vary greatly depending on where we work. You must be flexible in your housing expectations. Some housing may have access to hot running water and air conditioning, but it is NOT standard. You may have your own room but it is more likely that you will be sharing with multiple people as well as sharing a double bed.


Based on the available foods, vegetarians may find ways to balance a diet. Gluten intolerance is a challenge as much of the Jamaican diet contains wheat. Strict vegetarians and vegans may be challenged dietarily, and should be prepared to bring (and cook when facilities are available) their own supplemental foods. All participants will be drinking and cooking with bottled water. Do not expect to eat fresh green salads or have ice in your drinks.


Spirited Travels values the contribution that couples make to the program. Participant couples may be separated during the day while volunteering.  Couples will be placed together at night when possible, however sleeping arrangements vary widely.

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