Spirited Travel was developed in order to give youth the ability to explore both their own culture, as well as cultures around the globe.  We provide inter-cultural education workshops, and international philanthropy trips for youth ages 15-20.

Spirited Travels

Spirited Travels is a non-profit organization that believes every time we travel our personal belief that we are all one human family is reinforced. Youth who have the opportunity to travel and explore cultures outside of their own often find self-empowerment, and are often driven toward philanthropic work, humanitarian work, and become more aware of the need for peace in the world.

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At Spirited Travel we believe that compassion, connection, and communication are drivers for peace, and that youth truly are the future, therefore it is pertinent to provide youth with the skills necessary to pursue peacemaking as young adults. We also encourage participants to participate in Spirited Travel’s intercultural talk to encourage artistic activism and to give participants the ability to be express themselves about their experience at a young age. We believe wholeheartedly in human beings and their infinite propensity for positive change, and as an organization we want to encourage and assist in the development of the global peacemakers of tomorrow.

Students will finish their program with Spirited Travel with the tools necessary to travel in the future, to learn languages, and to have important discourse about global oneness as well as amazing cultural and religious differences that deserve to respected and preserved.  In this way, we believe that Spirited Travel is a unique youth travel and service program, because it incorporates ideas that many people don’t begin to study until a higher education setting, but in an easily accessible, respectful and fun way.